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Who is involved?

The Neighborhood Partnership Program (NPP) to execute this strategy is supported by commitments from (10) corporations totaling $650,000 per year for a total of $3.9 million over 6 years.

  • Truist                

  • Duggan & Marcon

  • PPL              

  • Highmark

  • Butz Company    

  • Peoples Security and Trust

  • City Center            

  • PNC Bank

  • Capital Blue            

  • Wells Fargo 

Let's Make A Change


Allentown’s Center City neighborhoods are alive with energy, community spirit, hope and determination. Children will grow up in a stable, united community that is enriched by the ideas, resources, and active involvement of residents, business owners, community leaders, and, especially other youth. Their neighborhoods have the resources to ensure the children are safe, they thrive and become successful, productive, and engaged citizens. Allentown’s Future is: 

  • A sustainable effort that unites youth across all socio-economic boundaries; 

  • A continual, emergent process for energizing and realizing the dreams of community stakeholders; 

  • An advocate with and for the youth of Center City Allentown; 

  • A united, thriving community where all children are viewed as valuable assets to the community’s future; 

  • A means of facilitating effective cross-sector collaboration that mobilizes and integrates social, political, institutional, intellectual, environmental, cultural, and financial resources to achieve community goals; and 

  • An ally in the fight against institutional and structural racism, violence and white supremacy


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