Let’s Improve Education for Inner City Students

More information about our wonderful program.

Upside Allentown surveyed those who lived in the areas in and around Center City area. Community members pointed to three areas for continued investment to improve quality of life in Center City Allentown: quality of services and opportunities for children, community/neighborhood appeal, and community relations and public safety.

Neighborhood Partnership Program is defined by a project area comprised of the geographic location in Center City Allentown of Seventh Street on the east to Twelfth Street on the west, Linden Street on the south and Gordon Street on the north.

Despite the progress made during Upside Allentown, there are still many needs of the youth of Allentown to be addressed. This is a critical time to both maintain the progress that has been made and to build on the momentum of the initiative’s successes. This plan was developed by staff from CACLV, CADCA, CADCA’s board of directors, the NPP Steering Committee consisting of community residents, stakeholders, partners, and funders. Several steps were taken to collect and analyze data from the community to ensure that this plan reflected the needs and priorities of the youth from downtown Allentown.

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