Welcome to a new and dynamic strategy to provide opportunities for education, vocation, health and recreation, and citizenship to the youth of Center City Allentown. 


By interrupting cycles of poverty and violence experienced by the City’s youth, it is the goal of this plan to ensure they succeed at becoming healthy and productive community members while developing their roles in the future success of the City. 


The project area to be served in Center City Allentown is outlined by Seventh Street on the east to Twelfth Street on the west, Linden Street on the south and Gordon Street on the north. 


The goals of the NPP will be accomplished through strategic partnerships among community organizations, state and local governments, Center City Allentown residents, educational and healthcare institutions, law enforcement agencies, and the private sector. 


Through listening to the community from 2018 to 2020, resources have been committed to focus on four areas over the next six years. 

Education • Vocation • Health • Recreation • Citizenship

"I don't see white police officers slamming the heads of little white boys into police cars."

- Maxine Waters



 Education – Investing in the future of our City’s youth is fundamental to the health and prosperity of the City’s future including childhood education programs, academic assistance and postsecondary educational preparation.

  • Academic Assistance – Underserved students in the community who lack the resources to excel in their education will receive assistance through one-on-one work with students to improve grades and performances. 

  • Head Start – Low-income children and their families will benefit from early childhood education programming to enhance physical and emotional well-being while preparing to enter grade school. 

  • Generation Next – Low-income, first generation and minority students will benefit from the programming to assist underserved students gain access to college/university 

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 Vocation – Support the next generation of Allentown’s workforce as they develop skills and training to be successful in their future careers and improving the health and well-being of all residents and their families. 

  • Youth Entrepreneurship – For students who do not wish to pursue a traditional college degree, services and entrepreneurial training will be provided to start their own business, increase employability skills and improve workforce development. 

  • Workforce Development –Workplace education and skills development training to ensure employability, leadership development and strong work performances.

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Health & Recreation

Health and Recreation – By developing a brick-and-mortar location for city youth, safe spaces will be built where youth come together, physically and mentally, to heal, learn and grow. Young people will be provided with a full range of transformative arts and recreational programming, in addition to comprehensive health services, counseling and mentorship programs. 

  • Safe Spaces for Youth – Creation of a youth development center for city youth as a safe space where youth come together to express themselves, learn about themselves and resolve trauma or difficulties without marginalization, consequence or fear. 

  • Arts Programming for Youth –A wide array of creative outlets will be provided where youth can benefit from the healing and transformative power of art to bridge cultural and generation attachments to the community for youth to feel more connected to their neighborhoods.

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Citizenship – Young people need to be active and engaged citizens who have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives.  Structural violence and racism are imbedded into the disparities that exist for the City’s youth, the new program will work to interrupt the impact of racial and structural disparities from affecting their futures. 


  • Community Organizing/Youth Engagement – Mobilize neighborhood residents to participate in the decisions that affect their lives. Youth engagement will encourage young people to participate in programs. 

  • Coalition of Difference Makers – A committee comprised of Allentown youth organizations that serve to connect with the community it serves by providing program and financial support for youth opportunities. 

  • Violence Prevention – Reducing the amount of exposure that community youth has with violence and crime and provide support to interrupt violence and prevent crime. Gang related activities have a severe impact on the community and will be addressed through intentional violence prevention efforts.

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